Tuesday, September 21, 2021

We Release Music and Provide Music Services

Partially Effective's lead music producer is antstrumental. antstrumental provides original/custom beats (with or without samples). He also is our lead sound engineer. PE founder, bc2tone is a backup engineer and music artist.

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For instrumentals by PE's antstrumental Click Here

[In House Content] Engineered by PE's @antstrumental.

Single "Feeling Now" (Spotify Link) Engineered by PE's @antstrumental. Radio Edit is also available. The song is on all streaming platforms.

Single "My Grave" (Remastered Extended Version) Engineered by PE's @antstrumental

bc2tone - Losing My Patience

Track engineered by PE's @antstrumental
Written by @bc2tone
Shot by @davidmackz
Edited by @bc2tone

bc2tone - Feeling Now Music video
Track engineered by PE's @antstrumental
Written by @bc2tone
Beat produced by vgbeats
Shot by @antstrumental @davidmackz @sockweezy @swirvin @darealkingju @bc2tone, and Mack. Edited by @bc2tone 

Sockweezy ft. bc2tone- Sleep on Me

Mixtape https://soundcloud.com/bc2tone/sets/i-was-bored 
Engineered by @bc2tone & @antstrumental

Music Video from "I Was Bored": bc2tone "Tombstone"

 Shot by @antstrumental Edited by @bc2tone)

Instrumental Album by antstrumental

(Antstrumental Creating a Beat at His Studio. Filmed and Directed by bc2tone)

Gtalk in PE Studio B

We collaborate with Chin Chin who produces and does sound engineering work for Partially Effective. Luv.jeaux is another music producer PE has collaborated with. (Pictured below)

Partially Effective's founder, bc2tone is a music artist as well and is collaborating with many New Jersey artists. We are currently working with Izzy, who is pictured underneath.

Available Music and studio samples:
Frequent Collaborators/Affiliates:
Chin Chin Instrumentals (Frequent In-Studio Collaborator)
Luv.jeaux Instrumentals (Frequent In-Studio Collaborator)

bc2tone performing live (with music video clips and narration) 

Their first session in Antstrumental's PE studio A.

PE's David Mackz spitting in the PE Studio B.

Mia Berry in a studio session with antstrumental